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Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a complex and rarely understood disease that is systemic in nature. It can present itself with a myriad of symptoms (sometimes well over 100) that can easily lead to misdiagnosis by the untrained professional. We've tried to break down the information about this disease to make it easier to understand its complexities.
What is Lyme?

Lyme Disease is an infectious disease carried by various birds, rodents, deer and ticks. There is indication that mosquitos and other biting insects may also be vectors to this disease. It is passed among the animals and insects in this group when a tick latches onto an infected host, usually a Deer Mouse. 

The spirochetes (Borrelia burgdorferi)  in the infected blood of the mouse enter the blood of the tick and begin another life cycle, or continue their lifecycle in the stomach of the tick. The tick then bites or latches onto a different host and infects the new host with the Lyme disease.

The disease was first discovered in 1970 with the characteristic bulls-eye rash appearing on men from the Groton, Conneticut submarine base, and the findings of studies reported by Navy doctors in 1974. 

The disease then affected a group of families in the town of Old Lyme, Conneticut, where awareness of the disease became more prominent, and it received its current common name of Lyme Disease. 


Symptoms of Lyme Disease



Although the diagnosis of Lyme is a CLINICAL diagnosis, some of the common symptoms of the disease seen in a clinical setting are a bulls-eye shaped rash around a bite site, followed by flu-like symtoms, fever and general malaise.  Please view the full list of symptoms available here.

Further in-depth notes regarding epidemiology, comparisons and diagnosis on Lyme Disease can be read in our menu to the left of your screen.

Lyme Disease in Canada
Although recent media attention has brought more awareness to Lyme disease in Canada, there exists a huge body of professionals who are ignorant to the current statistics and facts surrounding this disease. In light of this, there is a misconception that Lyme simply "isn't as bad as people think", or that it simply "doesn't exist" at all.
Dr. Murakami has alone, treated and consulted with over 3000 people that have presented positive serology for Lyme and co-infections in Canada. These people come from every province in our Nation and have recorded geographical bites obtained from every province as well. For anyone to claim that Lyme does not exist in ANY province is a blatant denial of the problem and a red-flag of how poorly educated our physicians truly are.
It is Dr. Murakami's goal to bring this problem to light and to help shed away the layers of mistrust, and misguided information to truly expose the truth and weak areas that need to be addressed by our current health care system behind this disease.