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Lyme Chat Forum

Our Forum was developed as a place for Lyme fighters to find support with other like people. It is also a place where you may be able to find some answers to some questions regarding Lyme from Dr. Murakami.

Please feel free to join our forum at any time. You must register to be able to post anything on our forum. All members are expected to read and adhere to our policies regarding the use of the forum. These policies are posted on the boards contained herein.


Please Note!

Due to the overwhelming amount of inquiries Dr. Murakami receives daily regarding Lyme, please understand that he does his best to answer as many inquiries as humanly possible. We have streamlined our efforts in making this task much easier and less time consuming for him.

For any new inquiries, a Health Questionnaire  must be filled out prior to any conversations over the phone with him. Please complete this form and fax it back to us at 1-866-259-2320 at your earliest convenience. This will give Dr. Murakami time to review your history and get back to you in a timely manner. This questionnaire is the series of questions he would ask you on the phone. (By having you pre-fill this out and fax it to us, it saves him approx. 1 hour of phone time per person. He averages about 3-5 new health inquiries per day, which extrapolates to between 3-5 hours on the phone.)


Do not expect him to reply to every question on the forum personally as this is a very time consuming effort for him. He visits the forum daily and does his best to answer as many inquiries as possible. Many times, other forum members will jump in and answer a question that you may have posed to Dr. Murakami. Dr. Murakami will read these posts and unless there is some negative inference or misconstrued information, he will not reply. Many of the Lyme fighters on our forum are very well informed about the disease and can correctly answer your inquiries.


The forum is a great community and we have a wonderful base of members that is ever growing. We hope you will find some answers to your questions and make some new friends along the way!



Visit our Forum Here!